The world is more connected than ever before with cell phones and the internet reaching every corner of the globe in the modern world. Not only are we connected city to city and state to state, but country to country. You can meet and chat with people from Europe or Asia in an instant.

However, with this increased communication, it seems that forming lasting and meaningful relationships with people is actually harder than ever. This is one of the things that I love most about travelling. You get to meet people face to face, a lot of the times in situations that are uncomfortable for both of you. Meeting new people from around the world is a great way to expand your culture and help understand people better. In addition, while travelling you can often find people that don’t live all that far from you, but you share a common interest or hobby.

Meeting people while travelling is an extremely rewarding experience that is hard to quantify. This is why I make it a point to travel at least twice a year from my hometown to somewhere else in the country, and at least once every other year to travel internationally to a place like New Zealand, Europe, or Africa.

Learning About Other Cultures

One of the absolute best things about travelling is meeting people from different countries around the world. Not only do you get to listen to fun accents, but you also get to have genuine conversations with people that you would never have met before!

Meeting people from other countries expands your knowledge of what people in other countries value and how that differs from what we value here in America. With this knowledge, you can expand your perspective on the things that you value in your own life and compare and contrast it with people from other countries.

You also get to learn a lot about their home countries in terms of places and people. If you meet someone from Germany, for example, they might be able to suggest places that are good to visit when you decide to travel there, such as breweries, museums, sight-seeing, attractions, and whatever else you might be into.

Meeting Other Americans in Foreign Countries

Another great thing about travelling is that you can meet other Americans in tourist areas and have genuine conversations about matters that you wouldn’t otherwise talk about. While in Taiwan, I met a man named Rod Kubier who runs a window replacement company. We talked for many hours while at a group dinner, where I might’ve never met someone like him while having dinner in my hometown.

This is by far the most interesting thing about travelling, is meeting all of the new and different people that are in the world! If you don’t already make it a point to fit travelling into your busy life, you definitely should make sure to prioritize it. You don’t want to be someone who regrets not travelling later in life!