While staying in a place for work or for travel for a specific amount of time, its important that you get to live in a place where you can get work done and enjoy at the same time. Here are 6 tips on choosing the right hostel for work and fun!

1) Opt for smaller establishments over bigger ones

Though bigger hostels may come with a reputation and popularity, smaller hostels come with a variety of other advantages. Smaller hostels are more personal, and receptionists and the working staff are more likely to remember you here as compared to bigger hostels where it’s almost impossible for the working staff to remember people. Smaller hostels are also more homely as there is an increased sense of belonging among the residents.

2) Ensure that you choose the right atmosphere

right atmosphere

If you’re planning to stay in a hostel for work, it’s important that you get to work in an atmosphere that is conducive to your productivity. Before finalizing on a hostel, ensure that you look at pictures of the space and go through brochures or websites to determine what kind of atmosphere the place comes with.

3) Look for long term hostels

Long term hostels are ideal if you intend to stay in a city and study/work for a specific period of time. Most other people who opt for long term hostels also choose them with similar intentions, so it is highly likely that you’ll be living with people who have similar lifestyles in a long term hostel. However, finding this type of accommodation can be hard, and so you can choose to contact your place of study or work to find out about any hostels that they might suggest or recommend.

4) Opt for single rooms or small dorms

If you’re someone who intends to spend a considerable amount of time working, choosing a single room or a small dorm would be best suited for you. Living in a big dorm with several other people can get extremely distracting, and you would have to adjust to the living schedules of multiple people which can get in the way of your daily functioning. Whenever you look for rooms in hostels, opt for the smallest dorm rooms or more preferably a single room if feasible.

5) Consider ratings and reviews

ratings and reviews

Before finalizing on your choice of accommodation, make sure you go through the reviews and ratings on their websites or on other related sites. It’s important to take into consideration these ratings and reviews as they reflect the real life experiences of individuals who have lived in these hostels. You might be able to look at both the pros and cons of the hostel while reading the reviews, which may help you make a better, more informed choice.

6) Don’t settle for cheap

Though saving some money on your accommodation is what you would ideally like to do, opting for cheap option isn’t always the best idea. Since you’re going to be spending a large chunk of your time living in the hostel, it’s important to finalize on one that appeals to you. Look at the facilities provided by the hostel and then make a decision instead of solely relying on price.