1) Become acquainted with the hostel

Make sure that you are well acquainted with the place before you arrive. Get as much information as you can. If it is possible, talk to someone who has stayed there before. Always ask about the amenities that they provide as well. Do they have a kitchen, do they provide every facility in the washrooms and so on.

2) Pick your room

Pick your room

Make sure that you pick a room that is well suited to your needs. This refers to who you want you roommate to be, as well. Some people prefer roommates with the same sex while others prefer co-ed hostels. So check if the hostel that you’re picking is an all-girls or all-boys’ hostel or even co-ed.

3) Pick your bed

Even things such as picking your bed matters a lot. Is the mattress comfortable, is the cot okay? These are questions that might seem silly at the moment but it does matter. Some people even prefer the lower bunk over the others. So whatever it is that you want, think about it carefully and pick wisely.

4) DIY all the way

If you’re going to be staying at the hostel for an extended period of time, it is advisable that you make the room like yours. You can choose the kinds of bedsheets or blankets that you want, which aligns with your aesthetic.

5) Always be prepared for showers

Showers can be a nasty affair if you don’t like showering anywhere else that is not your bathroom. So, for desperate times, make sure that you carry the appropriate towels and flip-flops and so on that you want.

6) Bring earplugs

Earplugs sometimes become an absolute necessity when you live in a hostel that is near a humid place. It can help block out unwanted noise at night, as well as protect you from creepy-crawlies that the hostel might have.

7) Pack clothes appropriately

No one can tell how warm or cool your room will be around evening time while remaining in a hostel. Regardless of whether you’re cold when you hit the sack, it’s astounding how much heat a room brimming with individuals can produce just from their bodies, so dress in layers to ensure a progressively agreeable rest.

8) Watch your resources

Take care of everything you own. Never leave the rooms without locking the doors. Valuables and money should never be left unattended.

9) Try not to be shy

You will meet a lot of people during your stay at a hostel. This will be a good opportunity for you to find unexpected friendships. So don’t hold yourself back.

10) Acclimate yourself with hostel decorum

Be mindful and maintain basic decorum in your hostels like use earphones in the room, don’t turn on the lights during the evening (utilize a little electric lamp rather), never use something that has a place with your flat mate without consent and so on.